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Design & Hosting

        Websites and Intranets.
        Designs are customized to integrate, provide solutions, and match budgets.
        Hosting Fees are based on the Customer Relations on the Web product subscription.
  1. Start with Website Tracking, Contacts and Clients, or Email Templates.
  2. Subscriptions to other modules are used to incorporate other business functions, enhance websites, provide customer interaction and eCommerce capabilities, and integrate business systems.
  3. Custom modules available via Consulting & Development.

Consulting & Development

First Tracks Software offers Consulting, Design, Development, and Deployment in the following areas:
        Websites, Intranets, and Hosted Applications
  1. Commercial Websites
  2. CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  3. Production Monitoring Systems
  4. QC/QA - Quality Control and Assurance
  5. EDM - Electronic Direct Mail
  6. Systems Integration
        Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Integration & Training

If you prefer your SQL Server and IIS to our hosted solution, or you already have a CRM package and to integrate a website or electronic direct mail campaigns, our consultants stay abreast of common internet technologies and are able to provide solutions that integrate with legacy systems and future technologies. We'll match the technology with your budget and give you a working solution to take your company forward.

We provide training on all systems we develop and include training and support with all product subscriptions.

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